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The release of Windows 10 on the market has certainly caused a lot of controversy.  There are many users that are skeptical about the new operating system because they quickly associate it with the disappointing performance of Windows 8. As users can very well remember, the old version was difficult to use due to the […]

Taking into consideration that technology has evolved a lot, owning multiple devices such as laptops, smart phones or tables is no longer something unusual. Besides these, additional devices such as Chromebooks have been created – these machines are not only extremely light and user friendly, but they also have multiple features. There are various applications […]

Responsive design is a recent invention brought by the emergence of the mobile technology. As the name suggests responsive web design refers to the ability of a website to change its design depending on the device used to open it. In other words, this type of design is supposed to meet the specific needs of […]

The website design and development industry is highly expanded presently, as many businesses and even industries rely on web platforms to present and promote their services, but also to conduct their daily operations. Even businesses that don’t have any remote connection to the IT field can make use of special designed software or apps. Take […]

The modern world is very rich in choices and alternatives, whatever the demand may be, thus it can be easily said that the level of competition has grown at a high speed and each company makes all efforts to show its clients that this is as good as it can get. This, of course, involves […]

The phone is without a doubt one of the most used accessories in today’s society. Even though we are surrounded by a variety of gadgets, the phone remains the most important one because it offers people the most complete services in terms of communication. However, most phones come locked with a certain network and when […]

Are you a fan of playing the latest video games? Do you enjoy spending time on the popular and exciting League of Legends online platform and video game? If you love LoL and play the game on a frequent basis, then you must have heard about the League of Legends Riot Points and Influence Points […]

There are many people who want to open an online business. The internet has become a very large part of today’s economy. It is a fact that most people start their search online every time they need to buy something, which is why many entrepreneurs seriously consider the possibility of opening an online business. However, […]

The online environment has emerged as a genuine source of information, much of it in the form of unstructured data. The tricky aspect is that it is a dynamic source of information that serves the purposes of researchers that operate in different fields of activity. Every company in the world has to deal with huge […]

The Huffington Post, an Internet newspaper with an impressive circulation, if we can call it that, has posted a piece on Michael Fertik, the CEO of, an online management company that aims to help people control their online reputation. You can read the Huffington Post article following the link: After reading it and […]