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Designing hair salon software

February - 25 - 2015

The website design and development industry is highly expanded presently, as many businesses and even industries rely on web platforms to present and promote their services, but also to conduct their daily operations. Even businesses that don’t have any remote connection to the IT field can make use of special designed software or apps. Take for instance the beauty salon industry: it’s all about skills and talent, imagination and being good with your hands, as well as having great people’s skills as to build friendships and relationships with your clients. A stylist’s tools are scissors, brushes and hairdryers and straightener, not merely computers and gadgets, but even so, the beauty salon industry can benefit from software and app development. Designing hair salon software is not as easy as one might think, as there are several factors to be taken into account in order for the app to be practical and suitable to its purpose.

As mentioned above, stylists are not usually the biggest fans of technology, at least not when it comes to their work, as they operate with tools that are not part of the IT sector, so the best hair salon software for them is the one that they can use easily and that’s highly intuitive. To that effect, when software and app development engineers work on designing such an application, they need to think about more than it being cutting edge technology, they need to design it in such a way as to be very easy to use. Of course, any software is worthless if its functionality is not well rounded or its practicality is low-leveled. Therefore, in the process of designing a salon app, developers have to take into account all the needs of a stylist or of a salon manager. First on that list is appointment scheduling, as this is an area where salons lose most significantly. Scheduling clients improperly leads to overbookings, large delays in attending clients and thus client disappointment, as well as under-bookings, which lowers profitability. Not only that, but if the software also has a confirmation function, enabling clients to receive automatic email reminders and send confirmations, then salon managers can finally put an end to money draining no shows.


The beauty salon industry is a business that is highly client-oriented, meaning that the focus is and should always be on the client. Women who go to beauty salons want more than just a good haircut or a beautiful color for their hair, they want to feel pampered, special, which is why it is important for stylists and salon managers to cultivate relationships. If the salon is large and the client pool is also huge, then this task might be quite difficult, but with the help of properly designed hair salon software, it can get very easy. So, in addition to making it intuitive, easy to use and functional, designers and developers need to make the app versatile as well, adding all kinds of helpful features, such as client management, which enables users to gather detailed information about each client and create a profile that they can access at any time and view what services that client has preferred in the past.

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