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The release of Windows 10 on the market has certainly caused a lot of controversy.  There are many users that are skeptical about the new operating system because they quickly associate it with the disappointing performance of Windows 8. As users can very well remember, the old version was difficult to use due to the different user interface that was incorporated. Consequently, Microsoft desired to make amends for that shortfall and developed the Windows 10 operating system. Many technology articles have discussed the improvements made to the operating system. Many users might wonder if there is any difference between the new operating system and the former version. So what has been changed?

The start button menu

Many users have complained about the touch-screen technology that actually made navigating more difficult that it is supposed to be. Touch-screen technology may be convenient when using a smartphone and tablet, not the same can be said about a computer that has desktop set-up and mouse and is thus more difficult to manipulate. Windows 8 also removed the start button menu that is essential for accessing all software. While the later version 8.1 reintroduced the start button, it launched touch-screen interface instead of a navigation menu. The innovation brought by Windows 8 is that the size of the tiles has been reduced and the operating system has gone back to the traditional Start menu that is positioned in the left of the screen. Even if the tiles still appear in the menu, they are placed in the right in order to allow users to choose their favorite apps.

General features

Windows 10 is much more than operating system suitable for 32 and 64-bit computers. Thanks to the thousands of companies that develop for the company it has managed to create a products that successfully runs on the ARM platforms for tablets and smartphones. In other words, the new version works on phones as well. Another innovation is Cortana which functions as a personal assistant. The search function is voice-controlled and delivers answers straight from Bing. In addition to this, it can access email and clients in order to extract for you relevant information. For instance, Cortana can notify you if your flight is delayed. Moreover, the operating system allows the user to use multiple desktops side by side. The media center has been replaced with the new version Xbox Music and Xbox Video that are integrated in the Xbox app.

Ease of use

The Windows 8 version was considered annoying because the live tiles gave the impression of an app rather than a computer. The user could not escape the feeling of being in a sort of virtual universe. The updated version is nothing like the old one and the icons open in a small window on the desktop. Besides this, the tile behaves in an intuitive way. Equally important is that the tiles are integrated into the design without disturbing the user who is able to remove them completely at any times. However, they come in handy if you own a convertible device and need to use the tablet mode.

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