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If you have a WordPress website, regardless of its nature, you most certainly feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the most appropriate theme for it. With hundreds of free and paid themes, the options seem to many, while the time that we have to explore those, limited. In this article, you will find some of the best tips that will guide you through the process.

Simplicity is your best friend

There are plenty of WordPress themes with intricate designs, bright colors and difficult layouts. But as you can observe at this beauty salon app, simplicity is more suitable in most cases. Complicated themes can be tiring, at best, and not particularly the best option when you want to attract an increasing number of visitors. Search for a simple and clean theme which doesn’t compromise the usability of your website. Keep in mind that your website’s purpose is to make access to relevant information easier. And if you hide this information in various widgets and animations, visitors are very likely to never return to your website.

Search for a highly responsive theme

Nowadays, finding a responsive theme is not optional anymore. Given the fact that more and more users generate traffic by using smart devices and not their desktops, you must find a theme that adjusts automatically the layout depending on the technological outlet used by your visitors. By implementing a theme that is also mobile-friendly, your website’s potential rises by 50%. Luckily, most WordPress themes are mobile-ready by default. The simplest way to test a theme’s mobile-readiness is using a dedicated platform that automatically does it.

Your theme has to be browser-compatible

With an increased number of browsers, your visitors will obviously use different browsers. Because of this, your WordPress theme has to be compatible with all the browsers available on the web. Generally, WordPress themes are carefully tested before their release, by using browser-compatibility tools. Developers pay increased attention to this detail. But, if you are not sure, run some basic tests yourself and see if the theme which you plan to implement is working on various browsers.

The theme should be at least translation-ready

If your website is in another language than English, you may want to consider its capacity of translating your website’s content. Also, consider the theme’s capacity to support multilingual plug-ins in the future, as the necessity for such tools may arise.


The level of SEO-friendliness of your platform strongly depends on the theme which you select. While you want your theme to look perfect, you still want it to generate good-quality HTML. This is a crucial aspect when it comes down to your website’s performance on search engines. While you may lack the skill and knowledge to check this yourself, many developers specify if their themes are or not SEO-friendly.

These are some easy tips you can follow in your quest to find the best WordPress theme for your website. This will make your duty easier and help you in the process.

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