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A next-generation firewall, or a NGFW, is a network security system that is capable of identifying and blocking cyber attacks. The protective system is basically a combination of application awareness and deep packet inspection. It is needless to say that having such a NGFW in place is essential. However, you may think that it is not necessary. You have a traditional firewall and that is enough to protect you. You should know that a traditional firewall cannot protect you from malicious threats.  Only next-generation protective systems like SonicWALL NSA Series can keep networks safe. Here are our top reasons for buying a next-generation firewall.

Simplifying the security infrastructure

A next-generation firewall has everything from antivirus to spam filtering. This means that you will not need a software in place for each IT function since the protective system has everything you need. Thanks to the network security system, you will be able to make your security infrastructure simpler.

Application visibility & Control

Gone are the days when you had to block ports and services to gain access on your network. Now, with a few clicks you can monitor and control multiple ports. The Application Command and Control Center provides you a summary of the applications, users, URLs, threats, and so on. You have the possibility to control the traffic on the network until the application in question is identified. For example, if one of your employees is using Facebook at the workplace, you can block the port that generates traffic. If you want to, you can limit only the chat option. What the next-generation firewall does is ensure control through a positive model.  

Full packet inspection

A next-generation firewall inspects all the packets and matches signatures for known threats and vulnerabilities. In other words, the firewall inspects the content and makes decisions based on the information that it retrieves. Most network security systems rely on advanced hardware to carry out the packet inspection. The hardware is high-performance, which means that you will have to dig deep into your pockets to get your hands on a NGFW. Investing in such a protective system is worth it though because you have tighter security in place.

Integrated IPS

IPS stands for Intrusion Protection system. A system like this is responsible with identifying attacks. The NGFW reduces the likelihood of attack by controlling which applications run on the network. It is not uncommon to see that an Intrusion Protection System is used in a setting where a firewall is already used. The reason why the IPS is integrated is that it ensures performance and access of the data from all layers of the traffic.

There is no reason why you should not buy a next-generation firewall. A protective system of this type helps you gain control over what is happening on the Internet and protect your business from cyber attacks. There is a reason why it is called next-generation. A next-generation firewall brings about many other benefits. To learn what these benefits are, buy a NGFW and see for yourself.

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