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Many people believe that marketing is the same thing as branding, when – in fact – these are two completely different things. Marketing generally refers to push tactics that are applied to convince people to buy products from your company, to announce events or to simply engage potential customers. Marketing transmits a direct message that has a certain purpose (usually increasing sales). Branding, on the other hand, precedes any type of marketing strategy or effort. Branding refers to creating an image for an organization or the products that the company sells. One similarity is that both marketing and branding transmit a message, each with a different purpose. Branding encourages people to buy the products and services of a company by expressing how professional and trustworthy a company is. Here are more differences between marketing and branding:  


Marketing is a tactical way to promote a company, while branding represents the overall image of the company. The brand is associated with the company in its entirety, and it expresses the image of the company or the products/services it offers in the mind of the buyer. Marketing may convince the customer to buy a certain product, but it won’t reinforce the company’s image. It is the active part of the process, engaging buyers to interact with the company, which should already have a brand at this moment.

The experts at Mandreel know how to handle both marketing and branding, which are two separate processes that require different teams. Both branding and marketing affect sales, each in its own unique way that must be handled separately. Marketing is more technical, as it involves setting clear, achievable goals, segmenting the target audience, the markets, determining prices for the products and services and so on.


A brand represents the image of your company. It mostly refers to visual elements, but it includes content such as mottos as well. The brand is meant to generate an emotional response from the potential customers that are targeted. The most important element of a branding scheme is represented by the logo. Creating a memorable logo is the key to having people remember your company and you can learn more about this at

The visual elements, as well as the content, users to create a brand identity. This identity refers to what people think about your company just by seeing these elements. The branding process includes the steps involved in creating these branding elements that lead to identity. This is the reason why any kind of branding effort should be done before any marketing one. Once the branding is complete, the marketing strategies can be applied to make customers choose the company over the competition.

Even though there are a lot of differences between marketing and branding, they can’t miss from a company’s sale boosting strategy. There are similarities between the two as well, but it is much more important to know how they are differentiated and what is the purpose of each.

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