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Did you know that printers are one of those inventions that have escalated quickly in the past decades? The first printer was invented sometime around the 1950s, although there are some people that argue that the first printer has made its way through the market at the end of 1930s. No matter what the right answer it is, few people know exactly what the main components of printers are. Probably the most important one is the print head. In case you need a print head replacement, you can look on the Internet for models like the Spectra SL-128 printhead, or other model that suits your printer. Below, there are some interesting things about printers.

The first printer – 1938 or 1953?

Many people argue about the year when the first printer was invented, whether it was 1938 or 1953. It is worth mentioning that in 1938, Chester Carlson had the brilliant idea to invent a dry printing process which was called electrophotography and which later on was known under the name of Xerox. This was the base for laser printers that were about to come after a few decades. In 1953, the first high-speed printer has made its way through the world. However, it is only in 1969 when the first laser printer was invented. Ever since, the printer has known a rapid evolution.

3D bioprinting of organs is now possible

Believe it or not, as you can read on for a few years, scientists have developed ways to make 3D printing possible. This has definitely revolutionized the tech world. Nowadays, 3D printing has brought great innovations in various domains of expertise, such as engineering, art, or medicine. Scientists have taken printing to another level, because 3D bioprinting is now possible. Experts have managed to print synthetic tissues and human organs that can be suitable for transplantation. It is true that the complexity of this process reaches very high levels, because there are a series of factors that need to be taken into account when undergoing this process, some examples being the type of material, cell types, and so on.

You can make outstanding gifts with a 3D printer

It may be hard to believe, but you can use a 3D printer to print the most amazing things in case you run out of ideas with respect to what gift to offer your loved ones. For instance, you can print a typographical chess set for your father, because without doubt he will be impressed. Even though chess is an old, traditional game, this does not mean that you cannot modernize it. In case your sister is a nonconformist one, you can surprise her with a 3D printed dreamcatcher. This is a very interesting alternative to the traditional one, which was made of leather and feathers.

Overall, it is for sure that printers have evolved a lot from their first appearance on the market and probably the most impressive part of all is the 3D printer. There are many interesting facts about printers and the ones presented above are only a few of them.

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